Are you feeling down? We all tend to feel some part of that black dog on our shoulder. While so many people feel various states of depression, a lot of people turn to medical professionals to get a quick fix. But naturally, a lot of people are a bit cautious when it comes to medication. With this in mind are there ways for us to heal or overcome depression without relying on a pill?

Natural, Yet Professional Methods

You could go to a mental health professional that uses more natural methods to heal depression. Whether this is in the form of counseling or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy there are natural methods that are accepted in the professional sphere. You don’t necessarily have to take medication. Some people take medication because it helps to block out that negative voice which gives them the opportunity to focus on the root cause. But if you don’t want to take medication and you are prepared to undergo therapy or a holistic method there are plenty of approaches out there for you.

Working On Healing Yourself

Some people don’t need to have a reason to be depressed but they need to get rid of the symptoms. Sometimes there can be a specific trigger. This could be someone they know or a lifestyle choice. And logically speaking, most of us know that in order to feel happier that there is something we have to cut out of our lives. But the most important thing about healing yourself is about finding meaning to life. Some people feel depressed because there is an overriding sense of failure. But by finding personal meaning or being subservient to something that’s bigger than yourself can give you a reason to exist. 

The Importance Of Mindfulness

Staying in the present helps us to not be so judgemental over our thoughts and feelings. Part of the reason we feel depressed could very well be to do with an overactive mind. But once we start to slow things down we can switch off parts of our self-judgment. Some people may not be able to turn it off at all, but by noticing it and bringing your focus to the present, it can increase your self-confidence, which in turn will improve your confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Making Your Body A Temple

There’s a lot of focus on inflammation in the modern diet right now. Some people notice that once they get rid of certain food items like gluten, their mood automatically improves. It could be worth having a food intolerance test so you can see the food items that could be causing these problems. With something like gluten or any food that causes inflammation, feelings of depression could follow. And even if you don’t think you have any intolerance it is a good idea to pursue an elimination diet. This, in conjunction with exercise, can give you a healthier body which in turn will breed a healthier mind.

Working to heal depression without medication is all about turning the mirror onto yourself. There is no one-size-fits-all approach but if you ever notice any symptoms it’s important to address them as soon as possible.