“Bloom for Life… Because you deserve nothing less!”


The Short Version:

Bloom for Life is dedicated to helping people of all backgrounds, race, and religion achieve their healthiest state of being.

This includes sharing“high-vibrational” cuisine, educational resources on sustainable living, spiritual connectivity, and natural healing, and offering assistance with the inevitable transformations that will take place as the Earth continues to shift into an age of consciousness and equality.

Founder, Amanda Froelich, the sole healer and visionary behind the business, hopes to inspire the masses to take action by “being the example” of positive change and possible re-direction in humanity’s history.

Free recipes, services to spread such information, and online resources all make this possible, along with the collaboration of like-minded individuals and good-hearted intent of others to make the world a better place. Thank you for supporting this vision.


The Long Version:


Disconnected living manifests illness / unconscious participation in a variety of ways. Bloom’s Mission is to help remedy the uncomfortable effects caused by living a life of disharmony, and instead teach how to connect with Spirit through natural means so healing holistically may be possible.

The world is a place of mystifying conundrums and beautiful paradoxes. As humanity has changed throughout time, however, one constant has stayed the same: the ability to act upon free will.

But in this present age of ‘advanced’ technologies, instant communication, and elaborate inventions created to improve day-to-day activities, not all aspects of living have been heightened.

Thousands of years ago it was normal for cultures and societies to live in groups or communities which supported each other. Food was derived from the land in its wholesome, unprocessed state, and villagers thrived in harmonious union. Well – for the most part.


Plagues, wars, and natural disasters took place – as have been for thousands of years… But as mankind progressed, intelligent changes and inventions to lessen the woes of every day life were implemented. What took place could be perceived as an ‘evolution’ of sorts for the human species.

And in the last few hundred years, ways of living have changed at an exponential rate.

With easy-to-obtain food, advanced medicinal technologies, reliable forms of transportation, and excellent modes of communication, the present era is continuing to change in an exciting way. Never before have societies had such access to the resources today, and with the availability to think freely, progressive ideas continue to pull and push at the direction the human race is headed in.

There is a negative aspect to what has been created, however: because past civilizations were forced to focus only on the necessities of life (food, one’s family, survival), growth in other areas were non-existent. Rich cuisine, sedentary lifestyles, and pursuit of pleasure are now the agenda of most inhabitants of the Earth… and in effect, an imbalance of living has been created.

Modern lifestyles may offer a lot in reward, but most of it is superficial. In the midst of TV dinners, shiny cars, and houses that could bunk an army, integral human characteristics have been loss. The pursuit of more has ruled out the remembrance of qualities and traits which defined previous generations.

And consequences formed by such shallow pursuits have contributed the imbalanced present all are experiencing. Currently 1% of the rich control the majority of funds available in developed nations, a large percent of individuals still starve to death – though resources are not scarce, opposite to what is proposed by mainstream society, and illnesses once rare, are now the common factor contributing to early deatlh. The more humans live in excess, the more other species, and even lesser developed nations suffer. rich2

It comes down to an inharmonic balance of every individual failing to realize their own connection to the infinite energy which is, and how their actions affect everyone else on the Earth. Whether perceptual and rigid, defined by the large cost of living in excessive grandeur, or recognized as a phase each spiritual being currently incarnate in physical bodies is experiencing, it’s disconnect none-the-less.

An imbalance in living is nothing new – and when I mean this, I mean disconnect from perceiving the truth about the human experience. Quantum Physics relays the truth about the universe: all is energy – even thoughts, and the Law of Attraction states that “what we put out comes back”… Awareness of the vibrations of the Universe, and us as humans,  has only allowed lower-vibrational living (meaning negativity, low-quality emotions, and undervalued expectation for life) to be the resonating vibration of humankind.


But with an awakening of individuality and this knowledge, the human race also has the ability to change this as well. While every incarnate being has chosen to be here as a soul in a human body, many are still asleep metaphysically.

And the lifestyle habits many choose only support this:

Food choices are one important aspect, and an introduction to conscious living that I (Amanda Froelich) have chosen to work in. Most individuals pay little to no attention of the food they consume, and this has been shown to have disastrous consequences for one’s health and the environment.

Processed, low-quality, and highly toxic (chemical-laden with preservatives) food options stagnate in the human body, cause chronic acidosis, and are responsible for aiding in the degeneration of people’s cabbagenervous systems, brain function, and overall body health.

Foods that are alkaline, however, and are what could be deemed ‘high vibrational’ are unprocessed, low-heat treated, and organic (pesticide, preservative-free) fruits, vegetables, soaked (and/or sprouted) legumes, gluten-free grains, nuts, seeds, and/or healthy, wild-caught fish. Optional and/or fermented cultured dairy products that come from Organic and loved goats are also recognized as “healthful” by Bloom for Life.

These may seem like rigid standards, but really, the rule is: stick to foods that are unprocessed, local, full of life, predominantly plant-based, and full of vitamins and minerals. When people begin to make health their priority, they will subconsciously acknowledge that they deserve to live a life where their own well-being is of importance, and consequently, so will others.

Prevention through dietary related choices is an essential part of healing and reducing the rising costs illnesses currently cause. The US currently spends $220 billion dollars on preventable health diseases, and the treatments are also void as they ignore the cause of the issues at hand. The human body has contracted deadly and emotionally-taxing diseases for underlying reasons – and as long as they are ignored, the human species will continue to live in a low-vibrational state.

Environmentally, the type of lifestyles many live also matter. Always seeking to obtain ‘more’ means that the average individual is consuming the amount of resources required for 3 Earths to supply. It does not take a genius to admit that extravagant lifestyles are unsustainable – and only contributes to the separation amongst the classes, and the fair divide of resources currently lacking in many areas of the world.

The pollution caused by unsustainable farming methods (mainly factory farming of livestock animals), and shipping of packaged goods also decrease the quality of life possible on Earth. This mainly, again, results from disconnected choices concerning food.


Other lifestyle habits are contributing to many peoples’ degeneration and lack of well-being.

Most people are not aware of the precious essence they truly are, and out of hatred of the lack of this recognition and frustration projected by others, are continuing to spread their arrogant perceptions through exchange with others.

Whether failing to get enough sleep, exercise, or think loving thoughts, poor lifestyle habits add up.

Disconnect from Nature – the “All is” presence – results in discord manifesting in the body. Natural living is not only essential for optimal health for the human body, it contributes to a nourished soul, a heightened mind, and a vibrant physical vessel. When cities shun holistic living and laws of the Universe are forgotten, chaos results.


In order to Bloom for Life, individuals must become aware that they are “more than their choices”, and have the potential to completely re-map what they’ve been taught, and live a life of purpose and bliss. Every person also has the opportunity to act on this truth and be part of this exciting period of transcendence being realized on Earth.

To share this truth, as well as support the many transformations that will inevitably take place in the future, is the mission of Bloom for Life. Yes, “high-vibrational” cuisine and inspirational tools to transform one’s life are given, but the impact such advice and education will have is global, and will continue to resonate for eons to come.

Thank you for partaking in the incredible changes currently taking place in this time period. Your journey and loving example will no doubt positively influence and impact the lives of many whom seek a life of happiness, fulfillment, and connection.

Amanda Froelich

Founder, Bloom for Life

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