Natural Cuisine Demonstration

Healthy living is both an art and lifestyle, and it is imperative – now more than ever – that all people learn how to safeguard their health, optimize their lives through dietary and lifestyle change, and contribute to a nourished Earth so future generations may thrive.

Luckily, such vision can be taught through healthy living and plant-based culinary demonstration.

Why you should choose Amanda Froelich to be the motivational speaker and plant-based, nourishing cuisine presenter at your next event:

Specialties Include (Teaching & Demonstrating):

  • Fundamentals of “how-to” create living food cuisine
  • Health benefits of enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense, living foods and wholesome, natural plant-based preparation
  • How to flavor balance, create recipes, and equip your kitchen
  • How to plate and enhance plant-based cuisine so even meat-savvy carnivores will love it … And more!


  • Living Food Chef at Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona
  • Living Food, Cooked Vegan, & Vegetarian Chef at The Pomegranate Cafe in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Living Food, Cooked Vegan, & Vegetarian Chef at Finca de Vida in Costa Rica
  • Living Food Chef & RHN (Holistic Nutritionist) at Verita Life Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Founder of Bloom for Life, a health-website devoted to sharing living food, plant-based recipes & holistic nutrition advice


About Amanda

why-amandaAmanda Froelich is an established author in the holistic health realm, a RHN (holistic nutritionist), ISD detoxification specialist, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, healthy and plant-based chef, and energy worker who takes into consideration all bodies of an individual and their unique biochemical, energetic, and emotional needs required to heal.

It is her personal endeavor to assist every individual in bettering their health through dietary, lifestyle, and mental changes – and has experienced first hand the incredible healing that can take place when people have access to – and are equipped with knowledge of how to prepare – healthy, living, bio-dynamic food.

Equipped with a depth of knowledge on holistic nutrition and plant-based preparation, several years of experience in world-renowned locations (with excellent references), and a desire to help all people become inspired to take charge of their own health, she is the perfect candidate to demonstrate at your next event.

Demonstration Fees:

  • Demonstration fees are dependent upon location, duration, and the type of presentation.

Contact Amanda for Further Details!

Contact Amanda to inquire about her next location, rates, and how you may work together to co-create brilliance and “wow” an audience with inspiring, health-essential information!
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