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  • Are you ready to experience vibrant health and create the life you deserve?
  • Do you seek to ditch past, unhealthy habits you know no longer serve you, and invite in the new to thrive?
  • Have you felt the call to “own” your higher purpose and pursue the passion(s) that call to you?
  • If you answered “yes” to any of the above, it’s time we work together!


By choosing to enroll in one of Bloom for Life’s one-on-one natural healing & life coaching programs, you will:

  • Experience better health and understand how dietary, lifestyle, and mental choices affect your health
  • Establish healthy habits that fit with your lifestyle and are sure to help you succeed
  • Find and maintain your healthy weight
  • Gain increased amounts of energy!
  • Learn how by changing your mind, you can alter and positively shift your life
  • Heal holistically and remedy the cause of your health issues
  • Create an optimistic and renewed relationship with food
  • Be inspired to let go of previously accepted limitations
  • Feel empowered to create the life you’ve always dreamt of!


Why Work With Amanda?


Amanda Froelich is an established author in the holistic health realm, a RHN (holistic nutritionist), ISD detoxification specialist, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, healthy and plant-based chef, and energy worker who takes into consideration all bodies of an individual and their unique biochemical and energetic needs required to heal.

She has worked at world-renowned healing clinics such as the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Farm of Life in Costa Rica, Verita Life in Thailand, and at the respected Pomegranate Café in Arizona, USA. It is her personal endeavor to assist every individual in bettering their health through dietary, lifestyle, and emotional / mental changes.

She recognizes and believes there are natural methods to assist healing and cater to each individual’s genetics, lifestyle, emotional, physical, and psychological needs to assist healing which is the natural state of the human body, and also takes into account the energetic laws of attraction which play a part in ‘disease’ reversal and conscious creation of a life one desires to live.

Most importantly, she knows that together, you + her will inevitably = success. What are you waiting for? Whatever your goals are, Amanda is the holistic health professional you’ve been waiting for to help you illuminate your vast healing capabilities, be a companion and coach to you on your journey, and support you as you create the life you desire and deserve.


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