According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), 35% of adults don’t get the minimum hours of sleep they need a night. 

Sleep is a fundamental aspect of living that enables you to thrive. Without it, sleep deprivation sets in and can cause a series of health problems, such as an increased risk of cancer and diabetes, depression, a higher risk of Alzheimer’s, and weight gain.

To avoid the above health issues, gaining a long, deep, quality sleep is necessary. Quality sleep is defined as being uninterrupted and comfortable, and you should awake and feel refreshed and energetic.

For those with insomnia, restless sleepers, and overthinkers who find it difficult to switch off and fall into a deep slumber. Below are a few natural sleep remedies that can hopefully relax you into a comfortable snooze.


Yoga is a natural remedy that can help prepare your body for a great night’s sleep. 

Deep breathing and controlled poses in yoga allow your mind and body to relieve stress and tension, which are the obstacles that can prevent you from gaining restful sleep. 

During yoga practice, your body will fall into a relaxed state as your heart rate and blood pressure gradually fall. In turn, it’ll be easier for your mind and body to drift off to sleep.

Credit: Pixabay


Some prescribed sleeping aids, such as valium and Ambien, can have adverse side effects. For example, valium has been proven to prevent people from experiencing REM sleep. This is just one reason that has prompted people living with sleeping issues, such as insomnia, to look for alternative remedies. 

CBD products, on the other hand, such as 300 mg CBD oil, are a natural alternative. Which has received positive reviews highlighting its ability to help people not only drift to sleep but gain a quality night’s rest too.

Chamomile Tea

Skipping caffeinated hot tea for chamomile can make a huge difference. Chamomile tea is proven to enhance feeling sleepiness, enabling you to fall to sleep quicker. Chamomile is a plant extract that contains apigenin. Apigenin is a chemical that, when combined with GABA receptors in your brain, induces a calm, relaxed, tired feeling.

Lavender Oil

Bottles of lavender oil are small, but the potent oil within the bottle has a powerful effect on helping people to fall asleep. 

You can apply diluted lavender oil to your skin or add it to your diffuser in your bedroom. 

Lavender relieves anxiety and works as a sedative to promote relaxation and sleep. As with chamomile tea, lavender interacts with GABA receptors to reduce restlessness and irritation. Making it easier for those in the presence of lavender extracts to relax, recline, and fall asleep.

A busy day, stressful news, the feeling of looking forward to something exciting are just a few of many things that can stop you from falling to sleep, and gaining quality rest throughout the night. By using one or more of the remedies above, you can get to sleep and stay asleep longer. So that each day you wake up, you feel mentally recharged, revitalized, refreshed, and ready to take on the day ahead.