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Amanda is in the midst of creating, registering, and seeking funding / grants for the Bloom for Life NGO project.

If you’re interested in getting involved, email Amanda at and she’ll send you an overview and more about its vision.


What is it?

Bloom for Life is a NGO dedicated to teaching rural, uneducated, and poverty-stricken locations about holistic health, sustainable living, and spiritual connectedness through long-term application and free resources for change.

It’s mission is to empower and educate, provide resources for health and sustainability, and optimize capacity for change in the world.

It will most likely work most in the East, predominantly in low-developing countries in the world which need access to the essential resources provided.

Its mission is so beneficial, as rural areas without resources are more commonly flocking to cities to be provided means for survival. In effect, preventable health illness are on the rise, and the environment continues to suffer. It’s a cyclic effect lesser realized by the mass population, but that’s why Bloom for Life’s efforts are that much more important.

As stated by the Oxford Journal,

The emphasis on poverty as well as other social and economic factors has led to a tendency to focus on those issues rather than directly addressing health issues. “

With the concentration of poverty, low health status and high burden of disease in rural areas, there is a need to focus specifically on improving the health of people in rural and remote areas, particularly if the urban drift is to be reversed.

And from the 1999 study, “The global community should recognize that good health is a way out of poverty. It results in a greater sense of wellbeing and contributes to increased social and economic productivity. The impact of ill health on productivity affects not only the poor, but societies and economies as well”.

This is where Bloom for Life aims to take action, and you can get involved to take part in this global change.


How You can Help? (Volunteer)

We need help with the following aspects of growing this NGO. (Potential for payment may be offered in the future – though we are unable to pay for services at this time).

Please email if you’re interested in getting involved. Currently we are seeking help with the following:

Website Development / Social Networking

We have a website ready for a make-over. Are you talented and looking to expand your portfolio? Please become involved and help take Bloom for Life’s NGO site to the next level!

Accountant / Lawyer (Financial Advisor)

Legal services are requested to help this NGO take off. The sticky aspect of starting any organization is the paperwork that needs to be filed to ensure it’s legal and ready to roll. We need help with the following:

* Registering the NGO

• Filing articles of incorporation

• Filing reports

• Tax issues

• Securing licenses.

If you could offer your services to help, I’d be incredibly thankful. Some sort of arrangement can be surely be made for your beneficial contribution to this organization’s efforts!

Board of Directors:

Are you highly motivated, ambitious, financially responsible, and skilled in business management? Please – volunteer your time  and expertise, and send more information to Amanda at . We are seeking financial advisors, experienced business owners, humanitarian leaders, and innovative minds to be on the board of this NGO (non-governmental organization).

If you become a board member, your voice will be heard. You will be expected to invest time working with other members to map the the future of this organization, as well as offer advice on how to optimize its efforts and receive funding from various sources.

Team Members

At the present, these are volunteer positions. But long-term partners will eventually be employees of this NGO to help inspire and create global change.


Permaculture / Sustainable Cultivation Expert

Are you passionate about contributing to global change, sharing your love of gardening, and teaching others how to reap what they sow (literally?). When the NGO is launched, we’d like to partner with an ambitious, driven, and knowledgeable permaculture expert who will be in charge of leading courses and designing an organic, garden in targeted locations we’re working in.

Please – send you resume and interest in this position to Amanda at

Spiritual Leader / Cultural Affairs

A large part of this NGO is to emphasize and teach unity – that’s what’s driving the effort to give back from this organization in the first place!

Bonus if: you have experience in cultural affairs, know more than 2 – 3 languages, and would love to help share the joy of connected living through daily life.

Please – send your resume and interest in this position to Amanda at

Sustainable Technologies & Innovation Expert

Bloom for Life will partner with companies and sponsors to provide sustainable technologies and alternative forms of energy to communities in need. Are you an expert in this field whose looking to give back?

Please – send you resume and interest in this position to Amanda at

Holistic Healers

Are you a licensed practitioner in an alternative modality who would like to share your gifts and love for healing with the world? Whether an acupuncturist, massage therapist, or a Naturopathic doctor – we welcome your gift and experience.

Partner with Amanda to teach wholesome, nourishing (predominantly plant-based) cuisine preparation and provide education to communities in need of holistic healing information. You’ll also help design courses, pamphlets, books, and other resources to further this organization’s mission.

Social Media Expert / Website Design / Filmmaker

Internet marketing and online reach must maximized to further this mission’s reach. If you’re experienced in SEO, website development (see above), videography, photography, and have a burning desire to take part in social change, please contact us!

Email Amanda at




All team-members will likely have travel and basic accommodation cared for once the NGO is funded and launched. At the present, opportunity for payment has not been planned out and is a long way coming down the road, but having partners to ensure this NGO’s success is essential in the present..

You will take part in creating resources that will be available world-wide. You’ll help inspire hundreds of community members in rural locations, and develop alternatives for those in urban setting. You’ll transform your own life and learn from experience and example… and most importantly, you’ll collaborate with brilliant, motivated, and like-minded innovators ready to pursue a project outside of themselves.

This is Bloom for Life, and its mission is to help create a more nourished, sustainable, and united world.

Be Involved!

A campaign will be launched later this year to fund certain projects – please keep an eye out for that!


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