Ayurvedic Articles

Nasal Rinses and Neti Pots: How and Why they Work

Originally published by the HCA Virginia Physicians Allergy sufferers and those with colds or chronic sinus infections know well the misery that can accompany these conditions. Symptoms may include facial pain, nasal congestion, coughing, headache, and bad breath....

Our 10 Bodies Explained {Kundalini}

[From The Aquarian Teacher: KRI Teacher Training Level One Manual] First Body: Soul Body The spark of the Infinite that resides in the core of your being.Qualities: Humility, creativity. Realizing the eternal nature of your soul, so you naturally embody humility and...

What Your Nails Say About Your Physical and Mental Health [Ayurveda Nail Analysis]

Would you like to find out what your nails say about your physical health? This Ayurveda nail analysis is wildly informative and might answer your questions relating to your nail health.

{Easy} Vegan Chana Masala

Quick and easy chickpea chana masala served over basmati rice. This spicy, hearty Indian recipe is vegan and gluten free.