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The world is in a health crisis. No longer are the concerns of drought, famine, or plague the highest cause of debilitating injury or death – it’s dietary and lifestyle choices.

Most individuals are unaware that the food they consume becomes their body, and can either assist their health and longevity, or contribute to the many degenerative illnesses prevalent in society.

Did you know that the United States currently spends over $220 billion dollars annually on healthcare costs that could have been prevented? The insane amount of surgery, pills, and procedures caused by consuming toxic, low-quality, and highly refined foods is costing millions of people emotional taxation and physical degeneration – and it has to stop.


Bloom for Life is dedicated to sharing the message that, like Hippocrates said, “Food can be thy medicine”…and it can be created and shared in a delicious way.

Amanda Froelich, the sole healer and founder of the business, is a RHN Holistic Nutritionist, ACE certified Personal Trainer, ISD Detoxification Specialist, and an experienced plant-based chef.

She began experimenting creating healthy cuisine at the young age of 15, and hasn’t stopped. Her talents include preparing “high-vibrational”, wholesome, predominantly live-food, and delicious plant-based cuisine. See a plethora of shared (free) recipes here.


Previous experience: creating and leading free health demonstrations and classes at age 16 in South Dakota, working as a raw and vegan chef at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, working as head ‘raw vegan’ and healthy vegan chef at the Pomegranate Café in Phoenix, Arizona, and currently head chef at the world-renowned Farm of Life healthy living retreat center in Costa Rica.

She has experience doing personal chef work and leading classes in all locations, simultaneously teaching guests and viewers not only how to make their own food, but educating them on the benefits of shifting their diet to include more fresh, vibrant, and “live” plant-based foods.

She is the author of 4 online books, three of which are Recipe books and offer the reader in-depth guidance and delicious recipes to begin implementing change into their own lives.

When she is not creating new recipes or taking divine photos of the food art, she is volunteering with other organizations and centers around the world devoted to sharing natural health and sustainable living. She also devotes energy to freelance writing for a store of different online and in-print publications dedicated to sharing free, truthful information with the public. More can be found about Amanda’s background and other talents here.

Cuisine Specialty:

Amanda is gastronomically talented to create a diversity of plant-based cuisine, tailored to every individual’s particular taste buds and physiological needs.

Not only does she have experience creating such different ‘diet’ preferences for retreat season at the Farm of Life, but she is able to adapt and follow any rigid guidelines specified by clients.

80 / 10 / 10 Raw & Vegan Cuisine

This type of cuisine is low-fat, sodium-free, includes little to no peppers, onions, garlic, and is minutely spiced. Sound impossible? Not nearly. Amanda has experience catering to retreat leader’s preferences, such as Chris Kendall and Ellen Livingston.


Live Food, Healthy {Raw & Vegan}

While typical gourmet restaurant food is often prepared with little to no thought given to nutrition, Amanda creates her own live-food and “high vibrational” recipes with food combining rules in mind, pure, organically sourced ingredients, and loving intent behind every chopping action.

Sauces, pates, entrees – you name it. It’s cuisine that not only tastes amazing and leaves you feeling more energized, but is guaranteed to feel better on the body and soothe the mind in a way that regular raw restaurant cuisine rarely does.



All cuisine is created with precision, taste-balance in mind, and health as the optimal focus.

Cooked, Vegetarian / Vegan Cuisine

Taste and diet are sensitive topics based largely on perception. Not only is diet rooted in culture, but physiologically, jumping into a purely “raw and vegan” diet / lifestyle can be taxing on the body. Detoxification can take place at a heightened rate, and for that reason including some cleanly cooked and “high vibrational” cuisine can be optimal.


Amanda is a pro at marrying organically grown, unprocessed, and purely sourced ingredients into cooked creations that offer a plethora of benefits and taste amazing. From healthy baked goods to light and satiating cooked dinners, she can create healthy, plant-based food that every junk-food addict will love.


You can see that the focus of Bloom for Life and the varying types of cuisine offered by Amanda is to first and foremost offer HEALTH, not dogma. Every individual has unique biochemical needs, taste preferences, and opinion on diet, but one solid fact holds true:

“Every individual can benefit from including more plant-based, predominantly live foods in their diet.”

This is how Amanda can help – and how you, your business, and/or your family can thrive.”



Amanda, founder of Bloom for Life, can assist your culinary requirements in a variety of ways:

Contact us here:

Plant-Based Demonstration & Education

Share the delightful and life-saving information plant-based education and culinary skills can give. Have Amanda teach your company, lead a class at your store, or enlighten your family on not only the benefits of connected, sustainable living, but how one’s health can drastically improve with such positive implementations – and how to adopt such habits.

What is required:

*A space to hold the demonstration in.

*Acquired tools for such demonstration (could be basic, but as Amanda is a traveling chef, optimal kitchen-tools will not be in supply).

*25% of Travel Expenses + payment

What Guests / Viewers Receive:

Amanda’s soon-to-be published Bloom for Life guide – complete with the philosophy of the business, “high-vibrational” recipes, and complete guidance on how to implement the mind, body, and spirit recommendations to Bloom for Life.

*Incredible, unique, and enlightening content, delicious recipes, and inspirational information on the benefits of including more plant foods – including the metaphysical aspect of how choosing to adopt such methods allows one the opportunity and permission to create their most vibrant life now.


*Discuss payment and opportunities by emailing



Kitchen Rehab


2 Week kitchen culinary training. Includes one-on-one coaching, guidance, and consulting helping you re-map your kitchen, invest in new equipment, remove health-limiting products, and learning 10 – 15 meals of one’s choice.


3-4 Months spent taming (or creating) your kitchen’s raw and vegan output. Amanda will lead and teach  your already exemplary chefs the basics of raw food and high-vibrational cuisine, how to flavor balance with unprocessed, unheated ingredients, kitchen alternatives for common flavor enhancers, and a new and bold menu for your restaurant – completely original and guaranteed to be successful if followed with optimistic intent.

*Discuss payment and booking by emailing Amanda is currently booked March 2014 – April 2015.





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