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Health and Longevity

How to Live 100+ Years with Bernard Lapallo

Why it’s okay sometimes to NOT Exercise

7 Ways to Start a Relationship with Yourself

5 Benefits of Not Wearing Make-Up

How to Become a Vegan Superhero

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

3 Essential Tips for the New Raw Foodie

7 Ways to Jump-start a Healthier Lifestyle

Why you should Ditch your iPod the Next Time you Work Out

20 Ways to be Happy without a Dime

What my Eating Disorder Didn’t Teach Me

5 Ways to Eat More Bananas

7 Signs You’re Getting Healthier

8 Ways to Get Your Child off of Ritalin

6 Ways to Get Your Best Sleep

5 Ways to Re-hydrate and Heal your Body

7 Ways to Adopt Color Therapy for FREE!

What’s in your Salad Dressing (And what to do about it!)

9 Natural ways to offset Radiation Poisoning

5 Home-made (and Dairy Free!) Milk alternatives

5 Herbal Teas to have on Hand

10 Plant-based Protein Powerhouses

10 Reasons to Fast…And not just for Health

10 Home-made Baby Food Recipes

6 Reasons to Ditch the Make-up

The Power of Skin-to-Skin Contact

How Mushrooms May Cure AIDS

8 Ways to Transform Your Health Before 8 AM

New Study Shows Caffeine Slows Brain Development

The Ballerina Brain Could Hold the Key to Chronic Dizziness

9 Healing Plants Found In Your Background

How to Heal Breast Cancer in 15 Minutes

10 Ways to Protect Against EMF Emission

Teenager Overcomes Terminal Brain Cancer with Raw Food Diet

It’s Official: 139 Girls Have Died from HPV Vaccine

20 Ways to Easily Boost Your Immune System

10 Ways to Eat the Beet (And How)!

Considering Bypass Surgery? 5 Alternatives to the Knife

How Pomegranates Can Heal Your Heart

Apple Extract Kills Cancer Cells Better than Chemotherapy

How to Eat for Better Sleep

Top 11 Plants to Grow Through Winter

15 Most Affordable Plant Foods for Vibrant Health

Seeking Sweet? The 4 WORST Artificial Sweeteners

5 Recipes to Prevent the Seasonal Flu

Parents Fined for Not Sending Ritz Crackers in School Lunch

20 Reasons Breastfeeding Is Essential

How to Eat Healthy for Only $1 More Per Day

This is What Kids are Being Fed (Shocking School Lunches)

6 Food Combining Rules for Optimal Digestion

10 Best Plants to Grow Indoors for Air Purification

10 Natural Aids to Cure a Hangover

Smoking in the Car with Children is Now Illegal

This Shows Exactly How Much McDonald’s Costs

Raw Vegan Couple Ran a Marathon Every Day of 2013

10 Foods Available in the US that Are Banned Elsewhere

10 Natural Ways to Prevent Prostate Cancer

10 Reasons to Eat Sesame Seeds Today

This Chinese Herb (+ Iron) Kills Cancer Cells in 16 Hours

The Treat That Prevents Alzheimer’s


Science, Economics, and Environment

40 Ways to Reduce Debt and Gain Financial Freedom

Ingenious 19-year-old Develops Plan to Clean up Oceans in 5 Years (Popular Article)

16-year-old Invents Bio-plastic from Banana Peels

Sweden Runs Out of Garbage

Uruguay First to Legalize Marijuana

Is Outer Space the Sustainable Energy Solution?

15-Year-Old In Line to Win Nobel Prize

Korea Constructs Road That Wirelessly Charges Buses

New Malaria Vaccine Proves 100% Effective

A New Way to Catch Fish Alive and Unharmed Revealed

Expired Food Store to Set Up Next Year

Could Diesel Fumes Cause a Global Food Crisis?

How Food Poisoning (E.Coli) Could Be the Future Bio-Fuel

Growing Change: Seattle’s Food Forest is OPEN!

From Sci-Fi to Reality: Monkey Feels Touch with Prosthetic Hand

President of Uruguay Donates 90% of His Salary to Charity

The Man Who Lives Without Money

Hawaii and Mexico on the Forefront of GMO Bans

The Teen Who Developed a Safer Nuclear Power Plant

Washington DC is Likely to Decriminalize Marijuana

9 Reasons to Shop Second Hand

12 Year Old Blasts NC Governor on Voting Restrictions

Sardine Disappearance Was Foreseen, But Ignored

Ethiopia Opens Africa’s Largest Wind Farm

Oxford Study Suggests Poverty Is Shrinking 

We Have Found and Killed the World’s Oldest Creature

Self-Righteous Lion Huntress Hunted by Critics

Is TED Now Against Alternative Health?

Young Scientist Designs Brilliant Biotech Arm

City Uproots Couple’s 17-year-old Garden

13-year-old Replicates Fibonacci Sequence in Trees

Costa Rica ‘Accidentally’ Legalizes Gay Marriage

Build a $300 Underground Greenhouse

Meet India’s Gulabi Gang- Female Activists for Change

5 Reasons to Learn a New Language

Pee-Cycling to Fertilize Green Roofs in Amsterdam

The Little Lantern That Will Light Up the World

Why Businesses Need to Go “All In” for the Environment

New Wave House With Green Roof Constructed in France

Police in Thailand Lay Down Weapons and Join With Protestors

New Finding of Freshwater Could Supply Future Generations

How to Use Plastic Bottles and Bleach to Create LIGHT!

Invention of the Century Allows You to Drink Out of the Toilet

This Unfortunate New Finding Explains Why Bees Are Disappearing

Activists Around the World Say “NO” to Coal

Connecticut Becomes First to Enact GMO Labeling Law

How Powdered Water May Cure Drought and Famine

China to Ban Animal Testing on Certain Products

The Little Black Box That Could Revolutionize Internet Access

Russel Brand Exposes the Truth

The Next US States to Legalize Marijuana

This is What Happens When Kids Leave Traditional Education

Spacecraft Propulsion Device Invented by 19-year-old Student

He Lives in a Tree, Wears No Shoes, and Brushes His Teeth with a Pine Cone

Utah is Ending Homelessness by Giving People Homes

Milan Creates the World’s First Vertical Forest

Scientists Prove Teleportation From One Location to Another

This is What the Earth Will Look Like if We Melt All the Ice

The First City to Embrace Solar Powered Gardens

This Guy Stopped Charging Clients, And Now He Makes More Money

India’s Solar Canals to Produce Energy and Slow Water Loss

The Employee-Centered Business that May Take Down Wal-Mart


Spirituality & Life

3 Ways to Have Faith in Yourself – You are Worth It

3 Ways to Healthfully Express Your Emotions

How Clean-Eating Increases Spirituality

10 Affirmations for Self Appreciation

10 Most Influential Books for Personal Growth

9 Ways to Heal the Heart

6 Signs you’re a Futurist

12 Signs you’re Spiritual and Don’t Even Know It

75 Benefits of Meditation for an Inspired Life

How Quantum Physics Proves There is an Afterlife

This Guy’s Wife Got Cancer, So He Did Something Amazing

13 Ways to Become More Productive

This Guy Traveled All Over the World to Make His Wife Laugh During Chemo

25 Ways to Change the World Every Day

Labeled “World’s Ugliest Woman,” Turns Hate Into Love

What if the World Had No Boundaries?


Plant-Based Recipes

Personal Archive of Plant-Based, Predominantly Live Food Recipes at Bloom for Life 


5 Easy-to-Make Raw Desserts

10 Ways to Add more Plant-Based Foods into your Diet

Raw & Vegan Lemon Bars

{Gluten-Free, Vegan} Pumpkin Cookies

{Raw, Vegan} Hot Chocolate Super-food Elixir




Michael Arnstein – Ultra-marathoner – on a Fruit-Based Diet for Optimum Results

Anyone Can be a True Activist, with Rob Greenfield


Travel & Culture

7 lessons from Costa Rican Cuisine

5 Lessons from the Tropics

Scientists in the Stone Age?

A look at archaeological findings showing models of atoms in the stone age.

(MatadorU) South Mountain in the Flourishing City of Phoenix, Arizona

(Example – Matador) Loren Lockman, World-Renowned Water on Perfect Health

Sunken, Lost City of Heracleion brought back to life in 3D

Cleopatra’s city of inauguration, found underneath the ocean and brought back to life

First Archaeological Evidence of Vampires?




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