There’s something so wonderful about the tropics – perhaps that we’ originate from that climate, are perfectly designed for the fruity bounty, or that everyone thinks of relaxation and retreat when ‘Thailand’, ‘Costa Rica’, or ‘Bahamas’ are mentioned.Well, we’re not always afforded the luxury of travel, so it’s nice when culture (and the wonderful foods from different regions) come to where we’re at!imagesCAM5Y14E
This is exactly what has happened these last couple of days. If you’re into raw foods and exploring the wonderful plant gifts there are for us to consume (that nourish and help us vibrate even higher!) then look towards the tropics and Asian fruits – such as…
Durian – “King of All Fruits” with smooth, custardy pods …but also a stink that turns many off – you either love it or hate it. With healthy fats, fiber, folate, Vitamin C, Manganese and more make this yummy treat great for immunity, digestion, healthy bones, energy, overcoming depression and relieve migraines among many benefits. You can usually find it at a local Asian Market. (as with all of these fruits)
Dragon Fruit
Red skinned with white flesh full of black, edible seeds, the dragon fruit does not only look exotic, it has a taste of a mix between watermelon and kiwi. Health benefits like the A, B (complex) vitamins, and C are just some of the awesome health-boosters it has. dragonfruit
Jack Fruit (My FAVORITE!)
Sweet and tasty, the Jackfruit (when ripe) has a sweet smell and even lovelier taste from the yellow pods with big seeds inside.jackfruit (Don’t eat the seeds or the white fibers) In my opinion, it’s like a mix between pineapple and bubble gum… I am sure going to get my fill of these when I go to Costa Rica! It’s health benefits range from having lots of Vitamin A, C, and phyotnutrients beneficial in preventing cancer, improving digestion, boosting energy, and supporting the thyroid to being great helping prevent anemia and boost the immune system.

To try a Cherimoya is certainly a delight – I had no idea what to expect the first time I picked one up in Arizona, but it was super suprising: soft flesh between an banana, melon, and an apple. It contains many anti-oxidants, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and is great for improving heart and blood pressure, boosting the immune, preventing cancer, and supporting healthy skin.
Longan Berries
longanSimilar to the Lychee – these berries are awesome! They have a harder exterior/skin that you peel off to get a soft (compared texture-like to brain..?), hydrating fruit that’s sweet and exciting! They’re also great for lessening stomach aches, invigorate the heart and spleen, aid insomnia, and can oddly enough the seeds can be used to counteract swelling and serve as a styptic (stop flow of blood). They are certainly yummy – which is my main interest!

I’ve been getting enjoying Asian fruits like these alllllll week!

032513134151….I was SO excited to come across these great finds at Kodiak in Phoenix..$5 for ONE Jackfruit! Usually they’re close to $40- MINIMUM.

(Hint, you can tell it’s ripe when it’s appetizing just to smell and is slightly soft!)

Then I got 4 Cherimoyas – they taste like a custardy banana/pineapple mix. LOVE.


And of course – my staple fruits like grapes and oranges were another added bonus. I love mono-mealing and eating super simply, but my infatuation with Asian food caused me to go a little nuts at work as well!
I created Asian Kale Chipsrawasiankalechips a few times! They sell out FAST. I’ll have a recipe soon, but the ingredients are:

with a sauce of Braggs Amino Acids, Almond Butter, Maple Syrup, Orange Juice, Cilantro, Ginger, Garlic, and lots of <3!rawasianchipsrawasianchips4rawasianchips2

(Sauce Poured over, ready to mix!)

And for Raw Friday, we created Raw Asian Lettuce Cups with nut/seed chicken cutlets with carrots, marinated ‘stir-fry’, lettuce, and an asian-ginger sesame dressing. It was BOMB. Served with a side of fruit – everyone loved it.
This next week I’ll be making Raw Lasagna… Prepare for pictures for that!
But aside from the fun foods and creations one can make when preparing Asian cuisine, I also love it because our ancestors 032513142306(although I’m not Asian – referring to knowledgeable humans) knew about how precious Mother Nature’s foods are. These foods have traveled all over the world, are so healthy for our bodies, and have been used and appreciated for thousands of years. Continuing and re-starting the enjoyment of these exotic foods just makes me so happy!

Have you ever tried Jackfruit, Durian, or any other exotic fruits not listed…? There are so many – what’s your favorite!?

Namaste – Enliven your Life with Fruits and Veggies!