See that explanation mark? That’s because this is an exciting post! 1) I’m blessed to be writing this to you as one week and a half ago my hard drive crashed. (And if you remember, I’m in Costa Rica where a Best Buy is not around the corner. Thank God for smart engineers staying at Finca De Vida!) and…
2) This recipe has received rave reviews! It tastes amazing, is such a healthy alternative to traditional desserts, and is easy to make!
And because life is just so blessedly beautiful and fun, I’m sharing it with you!

Mango Cobbler (Raw and Vegan)



1 1/4 Cups Almonds
1 Vanilla Bean or 1 tsp Vanilla extract
1/2 Cup Pitted Dates
2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
4 Cups Mangoes (diced)
1/4 Cup Raw Honey or Agave
Dash of Cinnamon and Vanilla


1) To make crust, almonds, vanilla, and salt in a food processor and lightly process into small pieces. Add dates and coconut oil, process to mix well.
2) In a bowl, combine filling ingredients and mix together.
3) In your serving bowl or pan, sprinkle a bit of crust, add a scoop of filling, and then add some more sprinkles of the crust on top. Don’t forget a scoop of love! <3


The great thing about this recipe is that it is SO easy to make and people love how amazing it tastes. I even asked guests to compare the Cobbler and this (NUT FREE) Chocolate-Mint-Lime Pie (coming soon!), and the Cobbler won. So yeah, now you have to make it.
I absolutely LOVE making food for all the amazing people here at Finca De Vida.
This dinner night (which always includes a 3-course meal) had Pad Thai as the Entrée. Click here for a previous recipe!
I also used an exotic fruit called Abiu to create a salad dressing; It’s somewhat bitter and so made this low-fat fruity dressing delicious!
Beautiful, organic Greens!
Are you loving this food photography?? I know I enjoy it!
And that’s it for this post! Look at what’s coming up! I have a lot of recipes to catch up with, such as:

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Enliven your Life with Fruits and Vegetables! <3

XOXO Mandy