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Interested in Having any of the Following Topics Discussed In-Depth and in an Inspirational Way?

  • Spirituality
  • Live-Food, Plant-based Nutrition
  • Healthy Living
  • Shifting Paradigms
  • Mapping Your Mind for Freedom & Success
  • Personal Growth & Entrepreneurial Pursuits
  • Allowing ‘God’ to Shape Your Life To Experience True Freedom

Want a Knowledgeable Holistic Nutritionist & Plant-based Chef to Sweep The Stage at Your Next Event?


Choose Amanda to Present at Your Next Event!

About Amanda Froelich

why-amanda Amanda Froelich is an established author in the holistic health realm, a RHN(holistic nutritionist), ISD detoxification specialist, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, healthy and plant-based chef, and energy worker who takes into consideration all bodies of an individual and their unique biochemical, energetic, and emotional needs required to heal.
She has worked at world-renowned healing clinics such as the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Farm of Life in Costa Rica, Verita Life in Thailand, and at the respected Pomegranate Café in Arizona, USA.

It is her personal endeavor to assist every individual in bettering their health through dietary, lifestyle, and mental changes – and has a point to prove through example that that there are no limitations when it comes to realizing your dreams and acting on ambition.She recognizes that there are holistic methods to assist healing, and takes into account the energetic laws of the universe which indisputably play a part in conscious transformation and healthy creation.

Inspired by conscious work and ambition to co-create a more nourished, healthy, and peaceful world, she is the perfect candidate to speak at your next event on any of the subjects outlined above.


Amanda can create unique and educational workshops to present, or partner with you and your
business to promote and educate on one of the above-related topics.

Speaker Fees:

  • Speaking fees are dependent upon location, duration, and type of presentation.

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