I know what you may be thinking…”But this isn’t RAW”. Well spotted, friend. While I, myself, prefer to consume all raw fruits and vegetables,with occasionally some nuts and seeds, I thrive as a chef and have a love for cooking nourishing food… on all levels.
That’s right! To some, raw may be the only answer, but my philosophy is that a predominantly raw and vegan diet is optimal for health. If people want to consume cooked vegetables, please, be my guest! It’s way too easy to get caught in the dogmatic trap that ‘everything has to be this way’…and then we forget that our world is made up of beautiful individuals with their unique passions and talents, and just as varying as their tastes, so may be their path with their healthy food lifestyle.
If you’ve ever been raw food bullied, then you can understand why it may seem easier to just go back to eating McDonalds if one can’t be 100% raw..and that’s just silliness. In my opinion, we are given beautiful, nutritious, and healing plant foods that are incredible to use and are divine to the palate! If you don’t want to be all raw, then don’t! But keep in mind that the healthiest diet is one that includes a lot of fresh produce and little processed, convenience foods (as well as low amounts of animal protein and dairy- optimal if none), and refined sugars as possible.
Be happy with your bounty from the Earth, celebrate with love, not judgment.
I talk you through how to plate up this delicious Roasted Vegetable Entrée with Marinara Drizzle and Sprouts in this video.

I know, I missed making videos and connecting with you, too!
So while I’m not going to post this as a recipe, I’m going to include the tantalizing pictures, because it’s actually super easy to make a dish like this. Roast your cut vegetables in a bit of coconut oil or olive oil with spices, sea salt, lemon juice or Apple Cider Vinegar, and herbs..and plate them on a bed of greens.
Make a home-made marinara by sautéing tomatoes, red bell pepper, garlic, onion, lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper, and maybe some jalapeño until caramelized. Blend with a bit of maple syrup and if needed, a bit more acid like lemon and/or balsamic vinegar.
The video shares the glory, just enjoy the pictures and remember that life should be approached with humor and love…and that’ show this blog is going to stay, inspirational, open, and inviting to many to get healthy!

Enliven your Life with Fruits and Vegetables!
XOXO Mandy