About ‘Life in Bloom’

“Life in Bloom” – what does this phrase mean to you? To me (Mandy), it conveys the following:

  • to feel free and healthy
  • to feel grounded in the world, relationships, and yourself
  • to know that life is working out in your favor
  • to feel inspired to blossom into your best self, knowing that forgiveness, humility, compassion, and patience will be your greatest teachers
  • to recognize that you are connected to all beings and all things
  • to sense, no matter the level, that there is a Greater force which guides all

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every human on the planet felt this way? Perhaps if they did, they would feel motivated to give back and help others. Such was certainly the case for me when I adopted a healthy, plant-based diet, healthy exercise regimen, and a meditation practice at the age of 15. In the 10 years since I began making food my medicine and started teaching this principle, I have witnessed similar transformations in others.

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What is clear to me (a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, chef, writer, and traveler), is that the majority of people want to feel good. They are simply held back by their limiting beliefs, their own confusion relating to their purpose in this world, and their poor health (more often than not, caused by high-stress living conditions, low-quality food, and a lack of exercise). If given the chance to heal (and, most importantly, if supported by friends, coaches, and peers), people will gratefully thrive.

The purpose of Life in Bloom is to offer the resources required to live a life you love. My hope for each of us is to live inspired lives with low carbon footprints, helping as many people along the way is possible. To inspire this, I’ve filled this website with plant-based recipes, spiritual advice, and informational articles.

Additional resources…

I have also written a variety of books (cookbooks to self-help books) to guide interested readers on the path of self-realization. My favorite resource is the Bloom for Life cookbook which includes 80+ plant-based recipes, a 2-week menu plan, and all of the information you need to know to get started eating healthier.

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The 7-day menu plan is also helpful for those who want a structured guide. There are two shopping lists (to offer more variance), as well as BONUS dessert eBook.

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Finally, Inviting in Light explains the 12 principles necessary to invite in light and reconnect to Source consciousness/Spirit/God. Don’t be frightened, it is not religious and simply teaches about fundamental truths in this Universe that must be realized for us all to live lives in bloom.

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My belief…

Each of us comes from love and will return to love. I believe that our purpose on this planet is to experience contrast for the purpose of growth. Any and every single “hurdle” that arises in life is an opportunity to choose love or fear. Ultimately, we will all remember that God/Source consciousness and, as extensions, we, are love. Truly, it is all working out.

Next steps

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Questions or Concerns?

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