Step 1: Add Greens

The first step I have for anyone looking to recharge their life is to ADD greens to your lifestyle.

Looks weird - It's not.

It’s so simple – every day, have either a green smoothie or a green juice.

What kind of equipment do you need? I would recommend the Vita-Mix, because it is honestly the most amazing blender out there.

You can make warm soups (while keeping the enzymes), make super smooth and delicious smoothies, and even juices if you have a nut milk bag.

It’s not as easy to make juices as a Breville Juicer (which is amazing too), but if you want one option that you should invest in – this is it.

Above is a link to where you can find the best price on a Vita-Mix that I’ve found. Get a warranty if you can, because it will last for 7 years, although Vita-Mixes easily last 30+ years.

Below is a link for a Breville Juicer. This is a second option – make super smooth, delicious, and enzme/nutrient/mineral rich fresh juice. It’s like taking pure energy into your body.

Both of these options will help with detoxification, alkalizing your body, and helping eliminate a HOST of illnesses.

If you can get to a point where you’re doing 2 green drinks a day – awesome! You can even make green soups, recipes to come.

Here’s a link for two basic green smoothies I’ve posted on my website.

Google any type of green smoothie you’d like, and trust me, you’ll find something.

Here’s a link for some basic green juices,

And you know what? There’s always salads! Now, why are greens so amazing!? They are one molecule different than our DNA and it’s like getting a blood transfusion when you get a compact highly alkalizing source of them – spinach in smoothies, juiced kale, etc. *If you’re green inside, you’re clean inside*

When you’re alkaline, your body is in an oxygenated, highly detoxified state. You get that way by eating a lot (like the majority of your diet) rich in vegetables, leafy greens, some nuts/seeds, sprouts (!), and misc foods like quinoa, brown rice, healthy grains – etc.

Meat, (most nuts – although great for you in smaller quantities), dairy, and refined sugars, refined grains, and processed/packaged foods are all acidic.

The acid/alkaline balance is a topic of heated discussion because if you’re alkaline, you usually have increased oxygenation in your body, rapid healing rate, better/clearer/focused mentality, and most importantly – at a ph of 8.5, cancer can’t survive in your body! (Plus most all other illnesses) It’s because sickly, unoxygenated, and acidic bodies are the perfect environment for sickness.

There’s a lot more that goes with, especially a lot of science, but the basic thing to take from this is:

An alkaline, oxygenated body is a healthy one! So first step – add greens to your body!



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