Holiday Articles

10 Healthy and Affordable Meals You Should Try This Year

New year, new you? If you’re in need of some healthy and affordable meals inspiration, then check out this list.

Raspberry-Blueberry Cheezcake [Paleo, Vegan, Low-Glycemic]

This delicious cheezcake recipe is vegan, paleo, and incredibly delicious. Made with nuts, seeds, and other nutritious ingredients…

CBD-Infused Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

By Mandy Froelich / Life in Bloom Hey, friends! Happy Sunday! In preparation for the holidays, I whipped up a delicious new dessert, and I hope you love it.  If you’ve been looking for the perfect treat to serve up for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I think you’re going...

Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte [Vegan]

There are actually quite a few PSL recipes out there that are vegan and dairy-free. But, I like mine the best because it is made from scratch (including the nut mylk) and easily tastes better than a Starbucks version.