No “High Vibrational” diet is complete without some tantalizing Entrees. Indulge, Love, and Live the life you deserve!


Asian Chk-n Cabbage Cups 

Bacon “Cheeseburgers” 

Basil-Avocado Pesto Pasta

BLT on Onion Bread 

Chick’N Fettuccine Alfredo + How to make the BEST Raw Noodles! 

Chick-N Nuggets 

Coconut-Cilantro Wraps with Guacamole

Cucumber Noodles with Tzatziki Sauce 

Curry/Basil Marinara w/ Zucchini or Kelp Noodles * (Salt Free – 80/10/10)

Dill/Mango Tomato Sauce + Zucchini Noodles * (80/10/10)

Enchiladas *

Zucchini Pasta + Marinara

Lasagna with Marinara and Ricotta

Mediterranean Wrap with Raw Falafels and Hummus 

Mock Tuna 

Mock Tuna Nori Rolls 

Nori Rolls 

Pasta Alfredo in 3 Ways! 

Pad Thai (Above) 

Pesto Pizza Poppers! 

Pizza de Costa Rica! 

Sandwich with Tomato Bread

Save the “Tuna” Nori Rolls – with Asian Dipping Sauce

Savory Veggie Wraps 

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Wraps 

[Cooked] Vegan Vegetable Dinner with Marinara Drizzle 




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